Annex Photo FAQ

What is the concept behind Annex Photo and the Photo Renaissance?

The concept by Fujifilm of Annex Photo is a one-of-a-kind environment meant to bring the message ofthe “Photo Renaissance” into all aspects of peoples’ lives. The Photo Renaissance is Fujifilm’s mission toreacquaint people with the joy of photography and create memories with high quality prints.

Why was Annex Photo chosen to be our concept store?

Annex Photo is in the heart of the Annex, a very trendy neighbourhood and close to the University ofToronto.  They already have a strong customer following and the remodeling of the store is meant toexcite their existing customers and entice new customers to come in and create an entirely new range ofproducts.

What is Fujifilm hoping to gain with this concept store?

Annex Photo is meant to be a learning centre where we can gain market learnings and provide insightsto our partners to help improve and build their business.

What are the store hours for Annex Photo?

Annex Photo will be open Monday – Friday from 10am-7pm, Saturday from 10am-6pm, and Sundayfrom 11am-5pm

Is this the first concept of this kind?

Other countries around the globe have a branded Fujifilm Wonder Photo Shop; there are currently otherWonder Photo Shops open in Tokyo/Japan (Feb 2014), Bogota/Colombia (March 2015), Shanghai/China(June 2015), Manila/Philippines (June 2015, Nov 2015, Dec 2015 and May 2016), Barcelona/Spain(October 2015), and the newest in New York City/USA (July 2016). There are other concept or affiliateWonder Photo Shops globally in Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Viet Nam, Russia, Turkey, Thai, Germany,and Toronto.

Are there any other retail locations in the Canada?

This is the first concept store in Canada and is the only location currently planned.

How big is the Annex Photo store?

The store is approximately 1,000 sq feet.

What products will be featured at Annex Photo?

A full range of Fujifilm’s instax instant cameras and the instax Share Printer SP-2, as well as Fujifilm’sbestselling digital cameras, will be on display for guests to touch and try.  More exciting products andservices include:  Calendars, photobooks and canvas produced in store, mobile app to transfer photosright from your phone to print at the photo kiosk, DIY supplies, frames and existing services such aspassport photos and film processing.

What are the key features of the Annex Photo?
  • Quick print kiosks and print stations, including 1-hour order printing
  • DIY area where employees will show consumers all the fun and decorative things they can do withtheir photos
  • Touch and try areas for DIY, instax instant cameras and printers, and Fujifilm cameras
  • A photo booth where customers can take pictures
  • Passport photos
  • Film processing
  • Frames and photo albums