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Don’t let your family’s treasured film memories literally fade away! Home movies have a short-shelf life because of natural deterioration and can be lost forever.

Preserve your 8mm, Super 8 and 16 mm films by transferring them to a more long-lasting DVD or Hard Drives as a Digital Computer File..

We support the following tape sources VHS, s-VHS, VHS-c, 8mm Video, hi-8 video, digital 8 video, mini-dv and Betamax tape. We also transfer from SD Card and Cameras with built in Hard Drives.

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Video Transfers (to DVD or External Hard Drive)

  • 8mm$0.22 per foot
  • 16mm $0.26 per foot
  • Super 8 $0.22 per foot
  • VHS $30.00 per Tape (2 hour max)
  • VHS Additional each 30 min $8.00
  • Hi 8/Video 8 $30.00
  • Hi 8/Video 8 each Additional 30min $8.00
  • Mini DV $30.00
  • DVD $20.00

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